When to Replace Your Garage Door

When to Replace Your Garage Door

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You may encounter overtime problems with your garage door. After several years, your door may also require replacement. However, you may find it confusing how to tell if you only need garage door repair or if it’s time to totally replace the garage door. Being able to tell what you need is important so you don’t waste time having parts fixed or replaced when after all, garage door replacement was required from the start. On the other hand, you don’t want to replace the entire door with a new one when a certain part only requires fixing or replacement.When to Replace Your Garage Door

Signs Your Door Needs Replacement

One of the most common reasons why these doors are replaced is because they no longer look good. Minor dirt, rust, and scratches don’t require replacement. These problems can still be resolved by cleaning, repainting, and sealing. However, if the condition is severe and your door is really old, it may be time to get a new one. If the door is also severely damaged, replacement could also be wiser option than repair. Moreover, if you’ve been having the same problem and tried having it fixed, but problem returns in just a short period of time, the door certainly needs to be replaced.

Choosing the Right Door

If you feel it’s time to have your door replaced, choosing the right door to serve as the replacement is important to make sure that you receive what optimally suits your needs and budget. The first thing to consider is the right measurement to ensure that the door fits the opening of your garage. This would save you time and effort as there’s no need to go back and forth having the door replaced just because you didn’t get the right size. These doors come in varying sizes of which one would perfectly fit your garage. All you need to do is get the accurate measurement.

Determine if you want a door that rolls up or positions parallel to the ceiling when opened. Other choices you have are sliding, which slides on one side; and swing out, which swings outside the garage like a regular door. Consider the material that’s used in the door, including wood, aluminum, steel, and glass. Wood may look great, but it needs to be maintained often. Steel is cheap and sturdy, but it’s heavy and it may corrode. Aluminum is light and inexpensive, but it’s prone to dents. Glass on the other hand may break easily and they cost a lot, although they look contemporary.

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