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Do openers need maintenance?

They most definitely do! In fact, electric garage door openers need frequent maintenance since they ensure the door closes and opens all the way, it moves with the right speed and people are safe. The sensors must be checked every week according to our specialists in Tujunga. The smallest problem with one of the wires could cause trouble.

Is it easy to adjust tracks?

The trick with garage door track adjustment is to know their exact position. Other than that, you just have to loosen up their fasteners, straighten the tracks, and then tighten all bolts and nuts of their brackets. Though, if the tracks are not put in the proper position, the door might fall or bind.

How long do garage door openers last?

A good garage door opener will typically work for about 10 or 15 years. This is of course provided that the opener is only used for its intended purpose of opening and closing the garage door that it is compatible with or rated for. Periodic maintenance also comes into play since mechanical or motor parts could get clogged by dust or be rendered immobile by rust. Some parts may require replacement before reaching the 10 year mark just because they're worn out.

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