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Troubleshoot a garage door making scraping sounds in two steps

The most common cause of this problem is the misalignment of some garage door track parts, according to the technicians of our garage door repair company in Tujunga. Firstly, you have to inspect the brackets to pinpoint the misalignment. Then you have to tighten the bolts holding the parts to make the tracks are straight again.

De-frost a garage door with warm air

This is the safest option as a sharp tool or hot water can cause serious damage to metal, wood and fiberglass garage doors. You can use all kinds of devices which blow out warm air for de-frosting the door. The list includes hair dryer, heat gun, and fan heater. Do not open the door before all the ice is melted.

Avoid doing repairs on your own

Installation and repair of garage doors or opener units cannot be done by everyone. You should never attempt to do these tasks on your own, especially if you do not have the skills and tools required. To ensure safe operation of your door always follow a regular maintenance schedule.

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